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Kitchens Witchery

The Kitchens Witch - What I found out:

A Kitchen Witch, sometimes called a Cottage Witch is one who's magickal works are mainly centered around the home and hearth (kitchen)

Most of a magickal work is done literally in the kitchen as the center of the home. The whole home is treated as sacred space,

The Herbs Magics:Cookery: adding herbs into cooking and making drinks to bring protection, soothing the soul, prosperity , clearing of the mind , clarity for meditation and magick and healing

Kitchen Crafts: Charms in the forms of wreaths, sachets and dried herbs and flowers are likely to be found throughout the household and magick is an entire way of life, not just occasionally.

The Cottage Witch path can be the only path or is often used alongside other paths.

Tools of the Cottage Witch

* an Altar in their kitchen to honor the deities and goddesses of the hearth and home and family.

* a broom this is not an ordinary cleaning broom, but one specially set aside for cleaning out psychic clutter, clearing the space of unwanted energy and depris

* a Kettle is a very important tool for brewing concotions, teas and potions.

*A knife set aside for the witchcraft.This is known as an Athame (ah-tha-me). Used for carving symbols into crafts as well as cutting fresh herbs.

*A Mortar and Pestle for crushing herbs and spices to be used in brews and

* these tools are often used alongside the traditional tools of witchcraft the wand, the staff , candles

Kitchens Witch - Candle Magics

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The kitchens witch, skilled in herbs magics, a kitchen witch in a witch kitchen, herb magicks, herb magic whatever spelling you choose the meaning remains the same. Herbs healings provide more information.